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We provide cost-effective solutions to help you plan, improve, and execute strategies that help you grow your business through our data driven processes.
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Business organization and restructuring

Most businesses start as an LLC. This is a great choice as a startup, but once you reach a certain threshold of income or employees, it makes sense to switch to something more tax-advantageous. We can help you choose what will be most effective for your situation.
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Risk Management

IRS audits do happen and we want to ensure you will pass them with flying colors. With 11 years of experience, we can help identify business behaviors or unusual transactions that could be red flags in the eyes of the IRS and help you mitigate those before it becomes a problem.
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Financial planning and operations analysis

We provide accurate financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you identify areas of the business where costs and budgets are meeting expectations and where there is overspending. This can help inform you that you need to better streamline your operations, find a new supplier, or control quality to reduce waste.

Making a Big Decisions? Come to us First

Proactive business decisions to avoid a big tax bill

Proactive business decisions

As a business owner, there are thousands of decisions to be made and you may or may not know the tax consequences of them. We’re here to be a resource for you to ask questions and help you make the best tax-efficient financial decisions for those critical times. Are you thinking about:

  • Hiring a new employee? W2 or 1099?
  • Offering a 401k for employees?
  • Offering health insurance for employees?
  • Buying a company car?
  • Expanding your business to a new location?
  • Buying a personal rental property to generate additional passive income?

All of these critical financial decisions have tax consequences and could leave you with thousands in added taxes that you weren’t expecting.

We are proactive and can be the middleman to sit in on important meetings with you – and your financial advisor, health insurance provider, and more – to help you gauge the tax bill that could be generated from one or more of these decisions. This will allow you to make an informed financial decision, help you choose the right retirement plan, and more, all with knowing the tax consequences ahead of time.

It’s much easier and cheaper to make these decisions right the first time instead of retroactively trying to fix an ill-advised choice.

What our Business Advisory clients are saying

Business Advisor

Financial Planning Testimonials
Could not recommend Hogan CPA Financial Services enough. Chris breaks down all my financial questions into easy to understand language and always goes the extra mile
Dustin Johnson
We have used Hogan CPA services for years and have had the best experiences. From the buying and selling of land, houses and other financial investments, to getting married and having kids; we have never had to worry about anything. Chris’ attention to detail is reassuring and impressive. I will continue not only to utilize them personally but also refer friends, family and businesses to them.
Michelle Bowden
"The experience with Hogan CPA has been great! I will resort to their service every year for the time to come."
Dawson Gore
"As a manager, I don't have a good understanding of my taxes. Fortunately, I have Hogan CPA experts always by my side."
Chris Fields
"At Hogan CPA, I found serious and skilled professionals and a reassuring respect for confidentiality."
Brady Houseman
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This isn’t a standalone service, but an add-on for existing clients for who we are managing their tax or bookkeeping services. If elected to include this service, it would be an added charge to their monthly rate.