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We make taxes easy for Healthcare Professionals: Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, and more​

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We make taxes easy for Healthcare Professionals: Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, and more

Healthcare professionals play a vital role in society by tirelessly dedicating their lives to providing exceptional care to their patients. We also understand that these professionals lead busy lives, making it challenging to keep up with their financial needs. 

At Hogan CPA Financial Services, we specialize in providing tax and bookkeeping services to healthcare professionals and businesses. With years of experience working with healthcare businesses, we understand the unique financial challenges healthcare professionals face, and we can offer tailored solutions to meet their needs. We’ll help you make the most of your tax deductions by:

  1. Helping W2 employees or 1099 traveling workers with appropriate deductions and taxes. See our traveling contract healthcare workers section below.
  2. Managing your bookkeeping, chart of accounts, expenses, and more freeing up your time
  3. Providing accurate and timely financial statements
  4. Tax planning for growth or re-investment
  5. Selecting the appropriate entity for your business 
  6. Submitting the correct forms on time and accurately
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Managing Accounting and Taxes in Healthcare with Hogan CPA, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

1. Accounting for Doctors, Dentists, and Nurse Practictioner businesses

From marketing expenses to supplies, software costs to utilities, office rent to building loans to insurances and more, all of the expenses of a business add up to hundreds of transactions per month. Keeping up-to-date on your accounting is a full-time job while you’re supposed to be taking care of patients. We help businesses free up time by taking bookkeeping off your hands, providing you with accurate reporting so you know where your dollars are being spent, if they’re under or over-budget, and measuring profitability to help you identify where you should spend more to grow or what type of patient you should have less of to stop overspending.

We are proud to support a diverse range of healthcare professionals that provide exceptional care to their patients including:

  • Medical doctors specializing in various fields such as family medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, and surgery 
  • Dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons
  • Nurses across all specialties.

2. Are You a Traveling Nurse, Doctor or Sub-Dental Hygienist?

Medical practitioners who work in multiple hospitals, offices, or travel between states face unique tax challenges at the state and local level. With different tax codes and regulations in each municipality, it can be challenging to ensure that the correct amount of taxes are being taken out of your paycheck(s). 

Some offices will take out the state/city taxes of which their office resides, others will not take any out at all. This is something you need to be very aware of so when tax season rolls around, you are not surprised and owe hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes because of the lack of effort by the contacted office. 

Additionally, we can help you claim deductions by itemizing expenses you incurred because of your remote position. 

  • Home office and computer to manage your patient schedule? Use a percentage of home square footage for office deduction.
  • Driving to patients for in-home visits? Track your mileage.
  • Staying out of town for a week for patients/business? Deduct hotel or AirBnB costs.
  • Continuing education to maintain your healthcare license? Deduct the expense
  • And more

We help 1099 traveling doctors or nurses with taxes, optimize your tax strategy, and help you understand the tax implications of your work and ensure that the correct amount of taxes is being withheld from your paychecks. This will avoid underpayment or overpayment of taxes, avoid penalties and interest, and help you save on taxes.

3. Tax Planning for your healthcare practice

We help healthcare businesses take full advantage of the tax code by planning for expenses and making the right decisions for their business. Maybe you’re renting or renovating office space, purchasing medical equipment or furniture, or offering employee benefits like 401ks and IRA accounts. All of these expenses can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be used for deductions now or later.

Building and owning an office vs Renting

While renting/leasing office space may be the only thing affordable when you are starting out, as your business grows, you may have the capital to invest in your own building. While renting you only get one or two deductions, the rent expense and renovations while owning the building, you also can deduct the real estate taxes, depreciation on the building, and more. Additionally, if you build the office large enough with multiple units, you can have other tenants in addition to your own practice to generate more income.

Purchasing medical equipment versus Leasing

Leasing equipment may provide more flexibility and lower upfront costs but similarly to renting the office, the only deduction for rented equipment is the expense you pay on a monthly or yearly basis. While more expensive, purchased medical equipment has more deductions including the purchase price, all maintenance costs, and you can claim depreciation on the equipment over multiple years, offsetting some of the equipment costs. 

We help doctors and dentists plan for high-ticket expenses like reinvesting in new equipment to help offset years with great production and revenue.

Health Insurance, 401ks and IRA accounts for the doctor and employee deductions

Business owners can offer employee benefits like health insurance, 401ks, and IRA accounts, which may provide tax savings for both the employer and the employee. The complex regulations around these benefits should be set up by an expert but we can help you make a decision on the right plans that make sense for your business to maximize your tax savings.

4. LLC versus S Corp - Which is better for Doctors, Dentists, or Nurse Practitioners?

Healthcare business owners must decide whether to form their business as an LLC or an S corporation. Most businesses start as an LLC as a “pass-through” entity to their personal taxes that can be converted later into an S-election. 

An S corporation is taxed differently, allowing the owner to take a “reasonable salary” as an employee which are not subject to self-employment taxes, and take additional income as “owner distributions” which are subject to self-employment tax. While both LLC and S-Corp structures offer liability protection, an S corporation often provides significant tax savings that could amount to tens of thousands of dollars per year for the business owner. There are some additional expenses, such as payroll but it’s likely you have other staff on payroll already so adding yourself won’t be too much more work.

Medical Accounting Services with Hogan CPA

Tax Planning for Influencers and Creators

Hogan CPA Financial Services adds value by boosting profitability and enhancing operations. We collaborate with our healthcare clients to provide tax planning, business accounting, and doctor, nurse, and dentist CPA services. This allows both individual practice owners or 1099 contractors to concentrate on their core competencies of providing excellent healthcare to their patients, while we manage your finances to help you grow.

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Cost-effective Bookkeeping for Doctors’ practices

If you need part-time or fully managed help with your accounting, we collaborate with in-house staff to set up your chart of accounts, sort expenses, reconcile bank statements, and optimize your bookkeeping. We’re flexible and can expand services as you grow.

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Estimating taxing and revenue projections

Successful doctors, dentists, and nurse practitioners have a continued influx of patients to treat on an ongoing basis.We can audit your books, recognize trends, and help you estimate taxes based on your history of transactions. We collaborate with healthcare professionals and communicate throughout the year, helping them understand their tax liability and altering strategies as fit to maximize their tax savings and efficiency.

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We Keep You in Compliance

Healthcare businesses have to be extremely careful and follow all the laws as there are a lot of regulations within the industry. Accounting for your medical business is no different. We help you stay in compliance by maintaining accurate accounting records, preparing your financial statements, and keeping your information up-to-date in the event of an audit.

How we help medical accounting

Let us help you strategize for taxes and free up your time by taking repetitive tasks like bookkeeping off your plate.

What our Healthcare Accountant and Tax clients are saying

Healthcare Accountant and Tax

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Could not recommend Hogan CPA Financial Services enough. Chris breaks down all my financial questions into easy to understand language and always goes the extra mile
Dustin Johnson
We have used Hogan CPA services for years and have had the best experiences. From the buying and selling of land, houses and other financial investments, to getting married and having kids; we have never had to worry about anything. Chris’ attention to detail is reassuring and impressive. I will continue not only to utilize them personally but also refer friends, family and businesses to them.
Michelle Bowden
"The experience with Hogan CPA has been great! I will resort to their service every year for the time to come."
Dawson Gore
"As a manager, I don't have a good understanding of my taxes. Fortunately, I have Hogan CPA experts always by my side."
Chris Fields
"At Hogan CPA, I found serious and skilled professionals and a reassuring respect for confidentiality."
Brady Houseman
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Healthcare Accounting FAQs

Depreciation is calculated by taking cost of equipment minus salvage value then dividing the total by the expected number of years the equipment is supposed to last.

For example, if a dentist office chair costs $10000, lasts for 20 years, and is worth $1000 after those 10 years, the calculation would be:

(10,000 – 1,000)/20 = 9000/20 = $450 per year that can be deducted. This is called straight line depreciation. There are other methods of depreciation that front-load deductions more in the beginning and less at the end, but the calculations are more complicated and we’d recommend speaking to a medical CPA for your specific situation.