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Our tax-smart approach can help with year-round tax preparation

Tax planning can help businesses and families of all sizes. We work with you to figure out what makes the most sense for your situation and how to best save you money. This may require a change in spending or some additional documentation to achieve a more favorable tax result. With accurate estimates, we can present you with potential savings for the tax strategies we recommend.

Business Taxes

We help you run your business in a tax-efficent manner to keep as much capital in your business as allowable per the tax code. This way you can reinvest and continue to grow.

Individual and Family

Individual and Family Taxes

Whether you are single, married, or have a family, we can help you plan your tax strategies to allow you to keep as much of your income and spend it on fun things like taking vacations.


Estate Taxes

Its hard when a love one passes but it's even harder when you're left with unexpected bills from their passing. We help you plan your family's legacy to make tough times a little easier.

What are the changes to the 2023 tax code and how do they impact me?

Federal income tax brackets and basic deductions will be higher in 2023. This hasn’t been seen in decades due to unprecedented inflation, according to an IRS release. All Americans who are trying to adjust to 40-year highs in various sectors like housing, gasoline and grocery will benefit from these higher tax brackets.
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Choice of Entity

Understand the tax advantages of LLC's versus S-Corps or other business entities.

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Maximize tax savings and retirement growth by allocating money into pre-tax or tax-free retirement accounts.

Proactive, Efficient Tax Planning

Most people talk to a tax advisor once a year and expect deductions without any effort. We’re different. We’re a partner and business advisor that will help you grow tax efficiently.

With proper tax planning, you can make informed decisions and change spending habits to achieve a favorable tax result. Click here to see our Business Advisory services.

What our tax service clients are saying

Tax Preparation Testimonials

Financial Planning Testimonials
Could not recommend Hogan CPA Financial Services enough. Chris breaks down all my financial questions into easy to understand language and always goes the extra mile
Dustin Johnson
We have used Hogan CPA services for years and have had the best experiences. From the buying and selling of land, houses and other financial investments, to getting married and having kids; we have never had to worry about anything. Chris’ attention to detail is reassuring and impressive. I will continue not only to utilize them personally but also refer friends, family and businesses to them.
Michelle Bowden
"The experience with Hogan CPA has been great! I will resort to their service every year for the time to come."
Dawson Gore
"As a manager, I don't have a good understanding of my taxes. Fortunately, I have Hogan CPA experts always by my side."
Chris Fields
"At Hogan CPA, I found serious and skilled professionals and a reassuring respect for confidentiality."
Brady Houseman
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Frequently Asked Questions

– January 31st – Employers must send out W-2’s and 1099s
– March 15th – Corporate Returns, Partnership Returns
– March 31 – Business must e-file 1099s
– April 15th – Individual Returns

Here is an article from that denotes the tax brackets whether you are a single filer, married filing separately, head of household, or married filing jointly, for both 2022 and 2023. Link:

Modified adjusted gross income less than $400,000 (married filing jointly) or $200,000 (other filers) – $2000 per kid under age 17.

Over these income limits, the deduction is reduced depending on how much you made over $400k or $200k.